Monday, July 20, 2015

I Do

A week ago I married my best friend, the man I that when I first met I knew I'd marry.

A reading in our wedding was from the wisdom of A. A. Milner

"How do you spell love, Pooh?
"You don't spell it, you live it"

That's how we've been since day one, we share ideas, thoughts and dreams.  I didn't fall in love with KD, I walked into love directly, with understanding and action. We do that with each other daily

Let's all say "I do" to showing love to each other

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fitting it all in

Do you ever feel like a puzzle piece in search of that illusive spot to fit in a larger picture?
I know I have.   Keeping balance between n work, home, relationships etc. all are that "BIG PICTURE and I'm a part of it all.

Realizing if I take time and realize I do have a place in it all helps keep focus

Like Pippen, you can find your "Corner of the Sky"   Trust me you do fit in