Monday, November 12, 2012

Open Heart

When I find myself in a doldrum, it's usually of my own doing.  I am NOT following my own messages and seeing the good around me.  This upbeat affirming life I TRY to lead does have it's moments of sadness. 

What's good is I recognize that and DO some thing.  Reading helps - even looking back at what I wrote here or some  prolific author, maybe even one of the positive life affirming messages I've heard at the Sunshine Cathedral.

I'll admit these "downlooking" times of mine are usually late at night either when I'm getting work done or can't sleep.  Instead of counting sheep to try to sleep, I count on my qualities and say "LOOK WHERE I'VE BEEN" and see that days ahead are mine to live

That's when I open my heart and feel at ease

1 comment:

  1. You actually need to open your heart? Your heart seems very much open to me all the time with all you do for others. :) You're a beautiful person, RJ!