Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Sorry

Besides those two words not used enough of "Thank you" are two just like them "I'm sorry"

An apology heartfelt can heal wounds or start on a path of recovering (note I didn't say RECOVERY) since it's two step process. The I'm sorry when followed with an acceptance is the sign of  growth

"I'm sorry" doesn't need the  follow up "but..."  that qualifies the sorry.

Many in twelve step programs find the "I'm sorry" step in Steps 8,9 and 10

Sure there will be times when we can't say "I'm sorry" face to face but the act of feeling it and meaning it are powerful.

I came across an interesting site where anyone can say "I'm sorry" (Joe Apology) anonymously: there's some heartfelt
messages there. I try to say "I'm sorry" in person when I can though

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