Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weird People

Austin Texas has a motto "Keep Austin Weird" and having been there more than a  few times and also  having been a Dallas resident who traveled to Austin to find non usual moments I've adored the motto.

What is weird though? Not "normal" some say but who's to say what normal is? Not me.

Hey I'm 6'4" a 'tad' taller than the average USA male.  That's not normal but does that make me weird? I think not.

I try to view life as a great gift.  Sure I've had setbacks and defeats and those haven't stopped me from trying again. Is that weird?

Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do something each day that scares you" - That's the weird I'm talking about.

Even Alfred E. Neuman kept things weird with his famous quip "What me worry?"

Let's give up "normal" for weird and enjoy what happens

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