Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I'm in grad school and classes are "DL" meaning Distance Learning aka "on line"  Though I need to be physically on campus two times a year for two weeks there's so much reading, responding done at home.

What a dreadful place to stay focused on intense classes. So many distractions. Besides the pup, easy access to snacks it's where I work that could be a distraction. Bad enough I live in southern Florida and it's summer every day and I would rather be outside I remain focused.

Looking at the bigger picture of WHY I'm taking classes and knowing I'm responsible for my education I remove distractions, shut off phone, close blinds and keep my work space clear

Lessons to apply beyond DL learning too.  Remove distractions and focus on the process


  1. Awesome! I might recommend allowing blinds to be open though. God light is motivating and keeps us awake and energized. Good luck!

  2. open enough to let light in but not distract the goings on in the yard. Good comment though