Sunday, October 25, 2015

Seek it/Speak it

I know I've said some disparaging things, thought some non affirming thoughts even though I really really try to seek out good.

Work with me and when we want goodness, look for it. When I see the 'bad things' around me I look for what's good and I speak it, share it. Seeking that goodness and not the badness works wonders

Lets stop looking at news items that don't show peoples goodness.  I know it's hard to when shootings happen all over. Racial disparity hits the air waves though less than it  hits real people
Poverty, illness exist - I won't deny it

My paid job in life is to help people. From doing things to seeing a new way of thinking. I can see strife daily

Lets work on seeing only affirming goodness in each other, our world and our selves

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