Monday, May 8, 2017

What if

I used to say "once I earn..." or "when I finish.." or even "once this is over I'll.."

Why keep waiting?  How many times have we/I heard "live for the moment?  

Let that moment be now!!  

A friend of mine is in prison and he recently shared "I spent the day as usual, made tea, meditated, worked the program (he's in AA).  He has a release date yet never says "when i'm out I'll.." He lives for each day, seeks good out of his situation.

There's times I felt like I was in a prison where I let situations dictate my actions and progress.

No more "what if's for me." I see a need for change, for growth and I jump on it.

Let's leap, that leap of faith, and drop our what ifs

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