Friday, December 14, 2012

50 and More

On Dec 13, I had another "birthday." Alive for 50 years and oh what a ride this has been.
If you would have asked me just a short 25 years ago where I'd be and what I'd be doing, it wouldn't be living in Florida, going back to school, working for a non profit or even looking for a wonderful future

Having been told “Odds are you’ll be dead in five to seven years  back in 1993, I’m  more than happy to live to  50 great years.

I've been blessed to work in Kenya, meet wild people  in Australia, cycle across Alaska and move far from the support of family and move from Chicago to Florida.

I've witnessed a president resign and the election of our first Black president.

I know isolation, heartbreak and joy and acceptance too

Soon I’ll return full time to my original career/calling and attend a grad school where I can grab my dreams.

50 is just a start

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  1. LOVE IT!! I would so LOVE to go to Kenya, And Australia, Or even Alaska.