Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting There, Being There and the Goal to achieve it all

"You can be anybody that you want to be; you can be your own  special friend"

How often I found those lyrics important when I felt lonely or out of sorts.

It's how I changed that feeling and YOU can to is what matters.

Change won't happen overnight but how I/we view life can take on a new focus

After my bike crash, the latest one on November 2, 2011 when I had four hairline hip  fractures, major brusing on my left arm and a feeling of fear beyond understanding to get back on either of my bicycles, it was setting a goal to do just that that got me riding again.

"Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch" is more than a line from Three Stooges, it was my motto and still is. Truth be told I signed up for the SMART ride as a crew member but at a team meeting I blurted out
"I'm riding this year" 

I set goals for myself using this outline

While this is not an exhaustive list of how to set goals, it is a good start.
  •  Pick a goal. Want it enough to chase it.
  •  Decide whether it is attainable or not.
  •  Don't talk yourself out of it just because it 'sounds crazy'. It's not supposed to be easy!
  •  Be honest with yourself. How much time and energy do you have to dedicate to this goal?
  •  Either commit to it or lower the bar a couple of inches if it is too lofty of a goal.
    I plan on keeping my goals and I've started by riding a bit each day, going to boot camp (today, June 30 after our three mile walk we put ourselves through drills that got my hair to sweat it was that tough but good)
    I Will raise the $2500 to help others and I WILL Ride 167 miles this November
    SMART Ride 9   Rider R. J. Hadley #223


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