Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trusted Means of Support

One of the co factors of the L.I.F.E. program (r) is "Knowing and using your trusted means of support"
That sounds pretty open ended and rightly so. A trusted means of support can be a life partner, boyfriend, parents/siblings, close friends, etc. 

To keep up with the hectic pace of MY life I rely on my 'trusted' support team.  It changed drastically when I left the comfort of Chicago and moved to a smaller town where I didn't know many people.

Thankfully I quickly made a couple of friends who have been at my side for important times

Others that come close are the small band of friends on the board of a national non profit.

There's NOTHING I can't share with them

In six days one man will return to living with me and we're each others 100% trusted means of support

He's also HIV positive and will need and access services that the SMART ride supports/funds

SMART Ride 9   Rider R. J. Hadley #223

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