Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Much Like Pippen

I am {In Love} with a song, one song in particular. It's from a musical (hard to guess, right?)  Quidam from Cirque du Solei.

The world is yours, not mine Quidam.
Your dreams are yours.
You may have touched the stars but they weren't moved
If you reach for me, I may not choose to  hold your hand.
I might smile or turn away

An ordinary man, Quidam
I'm everyman
I'm anyman

Oh that song touches me, it's my life and perhaps yours, too
Dear reader, you may hardly know me but trust me, hardship has known my doorstep: near death, broken bones, a crushed heart, yet I reach and touch the stars.

You are my stars - and I am yours.  We feel each others pain, share each others joys and smile sometimes turning away.

We are every person, you and I and Quidam

We, you and I can touch the stars by helping others

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