Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One More Thing

When does "enough is enough" come to play?  Ending a relationship, changing a carer  moving across town or across the country WILL happen to each of us.

Relationships of friendships change.  I know I'm not best friends with Randy, the kid who lived next door to my family when I was not yet 5 years old.

Despite rekindling people on Facebook  my high school friends are not the same: We don't hang out after class, go to 'the mall' etc.

Change is the only constant in our lives so I've learned to embrace it. I know I'm NOT the same person I was just 8 years ago when living in Chicago I had my "wild times."   Heck in the the two years after my move to Ft Lauderdale, I know I've changed jobs already, dated people I PRAY I wont see again and started two small business that didn't fly (lets see how my #3 goes) and I'm back in school

Where are YOUR changes.  I know just in starting this blog, I'm inspired to do more, be more affirming, read more Louis Hay for example.

I'll try to avoid the Colombo concept and stop for "One more thing" and just see the good in others, be the good for others and share that love, agape love for you.

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