Monday, October 28, 2013

I Choose Happiness

Much like a much earlier blog called "Freshly Squeezed"  and in line with 90% of my words I try to instill YOU are in charge of your happiness

Almost 6 days ago I suffered yet another bicycle crash. Hit something in the road and went sideways on the pavement. Turns out there are two brakes in rib #9 on my right side, major bruising on my right shoulder and some serious "road rash" marks on my right elbow and knee.

Odds are I won't ride all 170 miles in the upcoming SMART Ride but I WILL try. Bicycling makes me happy.

Gratefully friends got me to doctors, meetings work and school. One job that requires a lot of standing let me have time off.

I choose happiness.

No one THING or event that could take away my own freedom, education or support along with doing something I enjoy will stop me or my spirit from happiness.

Let's look at our inner self for that strength of what keeps us happy and live it together

You are in charge of how YOU feel and to today choose happiness

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