Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A friend of mine said this at the end of a class tonight & I agree (and  even wrote about it before)

"There's only one person that can  make YOU change... and that person is YOU! or who's the ONE person that can make you change?... YOU

I've found many of my thoughts are like yours: Repetitive. It's in learning I/We grow, change and make changes.

If our repetitive thoughts are "I'm no good" or "I'll never get that new job/promotion/raise" odds are you wont.

Sure I'm going back here but being repetitive about GOOD thoughts, I hope to ingrain them in my mind.

"You is kind
"You is smart
"You is important"

Let's change those words from  The Help to WE/I words
"I am kind, I am  smart, I am important"

A rephrase I heard from Rev. Jesse Jackson at Operation PUSH that never left my memory is

"I AM SOME" and the entire room chanted back "SOME BODY"

As he's want to do and good at, he repeats that three times and between the Rev and the people those two phrases become one


You dear friend and reader, can make the change from "stinkin' thinking" to KNOWING your goodness.

When I moved to Ft Lauderdale, it was (among a few things) a time & place to re create ME. I chose to make a change in how I act & view life.

It seems to be working because I believe it & I believe you can too

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