Thursday, September 6, 2012


I've missed posting for a few days due to a break in at my home. Oddly two days before a renters insurance took affect But That's OK

My large screen TV, both laptops and assorted small items were taken But That's OK

Being both a grad student and working part time, money is TIGHT but it's OK

Greatfully  a new friend offered a smaller yet working TV and others are looking at laptops

My dear friend and room mate is scared beyond all get out and thats NOT OK

But we'll make it. Today the window repair person came to measure for the fix that will be in place this weekend.

Sure I live in a "not so savory neigbhorhood but this isn't the first time. Overall I'm happy here with a lot of room for guests and a nice back yard. That's all OK

I'll admit it's been a frustrating few days & that too will change.  Tough way to learn a lesson though But That's OK

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