Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The GOOD Stuff

I'm in a class called "Wresting With God Without Getting Pinned" and am learning more about words, hierarchy, respect & love than I had imagined.

Some people called or revered as "hero's" in the Bible are schmucks.

I won't go into details as I'm still (and always will be a student of scripture) but reading Genesis again in a new way, my feelings of liberation for all oppressed people grows stronger.

It's also why I  support the HIV Stigma Project.  Sure I'm HIV enhanced but not "dirty or unclean"   Heck I shower often, wash dishes like any OCD person would and such.

Keeping "The GOOD stuff" foremost in all things means more than reading with understanding, being faithful and aware.  It's knowing that we all have something in us that is GOOD.

I see that in the comments people make about my messages, in acts of kindness around us.

I see your goodness by you being YOU

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