Monday, September 3, 2012

What, Me Worry?

Alfred E. Neuman made the line "What, me worry" extra famous.

I'll add to it.  I've found that I can't change a thing  with worry. I've lost my car keys, bike keys (those are worse for ME) health insurance, etc. and worried  for just a moment.

Now I'm not pulling a Bobby Mc Ferrin here: just that worry only creates an non balanced life.

I can and do have concern, and that is done with thinking things, problems through and NOT worrying

Look at the previous blog "Freshly Squeezed" to see that what I put into my thoughts is what will come out

While your at it, look around you; some one may be having the same difficulty or worse.

Look at the good things you (and I) do have and live off of those,

"The past is the past & the future has infinite possiblitities"

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  1. Fearlessly love. It works both ways.