Sunday, September 9, 2012


It seems like FOREVER since the break in and lap tops were stolen.
I mentioned my dilemma on Facebook to my SMART Ride team: not to ask for help but to vent with friends

Here's the upside of my vent: two people stepped up and one will give me a flat screen TV this week and today, another team mate brought a brand new laptop to the fundraiser we had.

She said "You do so much for our team and the Center, it's yours"

If you've been keeping up, I'm in grad school while working part time: meaning cash is a precious commodity  so these two acts of kindness sure do help

Oh, I almost forgot: For my Monday class, the professor said about the class fee this time is GRATIS

I do feel as if angels are watching over me and there is that rainbow following a storm

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  1. RJ - there's are angels walking on this earth and you're definitely one of them. You're always doing things for others, volunteering for all kinds of things, volunteering at the pride center, doing testing, rarely do I ever hear you taking time out for yourself.

    There was no question of helping you out when you needed it, especially since it's kinda hard to get by without a computer in grad school. There is no better feeling than being able to help someone out unconditionally. :)

    Just remember you have a LOT of people out there who love you, just for being you.