Sunday, September 16, 2012


Can we talk here? After it's just between you & me, right?  I messed up. More than once I made an error.

Hey it's how I became HIV positive:  Some of the guys I dated; two business I started that didn't "bizz"

As an addictions counselor, I know in the "12 Steps"  I've been able to apply a few to my life

#5: Admitting to my self and another person my wrong

By applying #10: Continue to take personal inventory and when wrong, promptly admit it

But there's A LOT more to redeeming my mistakes: My ownership and admittance alone wont work

For me, it's seeing what went wrong and  making a wise choice.

I must process the event, see where I could have done better and seek an apolgy

Emotionally, guilt and shame can start to eat away at our inner core: It's when I/We can see the error and move on that I/We can feel redeemed.

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