Saturday, July 7, 2012

Go Boldly

From the creative mind of Gene Roddenberry came these classic words "To boldly go where no one has gone before"

Ok he used the masculine pronoun MAN in stead of ONE but that's not the focus: the focus is YOU

In 1994, with a catheter in my chest I read about this cycling event: The Twin Cities to Chicago AIDS ride.
Not being a big cyclist but never one to turn down a challenge, I signed up to be on the support crew.

26 rides later, some as a support crew person, some as a rider, one as a managing director (of a 545 mile ride across Illinois) I've boldly gone to great lengths to raise money and awareness.

When I moved to Florida, I knew I'd be a part of the SMART ride but not knowing enough people or time to train, I was put on the support crew as captain of Cheerleaders.

"How can inspire people as a cheer leader I thought" so I bought a high school cheer leader outfit and wore it on day one.

You cant see the combat boots in this photo but trust me; they're there

How bold can you be?  I hope you reach for the stars with me

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