Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rain Delay

While I'm in Washington DC working with the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt this year, due to the rain the Quilt wasn't out on the Mall. The main stage hosted the usual reading of names while four panels were carefully placed on plastic for people to see "Hands on"

What started out as about 200 people, many where volunteering helped bring out a few blocks for those assembled to see.

As time went on, the crowed dissipated

My self and a man named John stood guard over the few panels in fronnt of the stage, making sure no liquids would hit the Quilt.

There was a special solice in seeing one person touched by our small 'rain delay" display

She stood there in the rain reading each panel

what motives you to be fully committed?   I know I am planing an HIV/AIDS free future

This November I'm riding from Miami to Key West to raise money for agencies that help people with HIV/AIDS
SMART Ride 9  Rider #223

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