Wednesday, July 18, 2012

YOU Can So Do It

You've gotten this far in my blog so it's easy to see I'm a 'Sure you can' kinda person.  Trust me, I've had a share of hardships, from HIV, substance abuse, esteem issues, broken bones, income (low income that is)
but that's a past and I LIVE for both NOW and our future.

Note I said "OUR" future: no one can live this life alone.  We all need people to help or do their jobs.

Your job, our job, role is to accept help, offer it, be kind and INSPIRE.

In my work in the LGBTQI community, trust me I hear stories of how life has more downs than ups.
The sheer number of homeless youth frightens me, mainly due to most of them have been 'discarded' by families of birth.

Now I ask, how can WE inspire others and ourselves?  That good friend is up to you: use your talents,skills and experience.

That little train said "I think I can" and sure enough, the hill was climbed - challange met.

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