Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Yours, Claim It

A good friend of mine changed careers from hospitality to real estate right when the market took a MAJOR down turn.

Here's what he said about that "I’ve found a niche for myself in short sales. i like helping people and when most are running away from them, I’m going towards them, with help, and a legal team with me to help them"         - Bryan Hixson

Kudos for not just making a change but making a tough one work.

I know I'm not working in the field I went to university for but I'm able to use skills I learned there and I'll toot my own horn about it, I'm good at what I do helping people create healthy life changes.

Both Bryan and I learned, it's seeing what CAN  be and making it happen: lets add you name to this list.

That fits in work, locations and even relationships.

What can YOU/WE do to find our niche and make it our passion?  Just put your heart into it!!!

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