Friday, July 27, 2012


Big city of Washington DC; siren of dreams - maker of kings; oh the hustle & bustle each big city shares
I miss it already though I literally JUST landed in Ft Lauderdale (9:40pm July 27)

Making new friends, sharing stories of the Quilt are all good but in the long run, it's home where I belong

Simon & Garfunkel wrote it best

Homeward bound 
I wish I was 
Homeward bound 
Home, where my thought's escaping 
Home, where my music's playing 
Home, where my love lies waiting 
Silently for me 

My small home in Ft Lauderdale doesn't have a lot of furniture or fancy art on the walls but it's home to me,
Dylan and for a while, Alberto. 

Beyond that though, I also know my heart is with my family and friends, so where ever we meet: lets call it HOME

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