Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics v Gay Games

So now it's official, the Olympics are now open!!  $42 million for this spectacular event & a Queen jumping from helicopter with James Bond ;)  

This brought back memories of when I competed in the Gay Games 2006. 

"What, a Gay Games and not a Gay Olympics?" you say. Well, yes. Though there are many LGBT athletes in these games back in 1982 when Dr. Tom Waddell announced the Gay Games, the Olympic committee sued the Gay Games for name use saying they alone can use the name "Olympics" 

No such law suit hit the Special Olympics,  the Police Olympics and such so Gay Games it was

We, as an LGBT people get challenged every day in some way. We persevere.  

When you're put down,  find a way to change some thing: YOUR point of view or someone else's and move on & wear OUR rainbow rings

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