Friday, August 10, 2012


In 2000, I went way out on a limb, challenging my distance, hill, nay MOUNTAIN climbing ability and road  a bicycle over 500 mile raising at least $3,400 (I know I raised much more)

Why was that such a challenge?

Only four years earlier I had finished chemo therapy for lymphoma to participate in the Twin Cities>Chicago AIDS Rides.  

Those 500 miles with some exception were mostly flat through corn field of Wisconsin & Illinois.

Still using a heavy bike, not one of those skinny light weight racers, I rode into and through clouds, rain and amazing sites.

This week challenged friendships too but we all did it.  WE ALL DID IT.  There's a half dozen stories I'll tell you later about the time in Alaska surrounding the ride but not yet...

Remember, it's not about  ME but us, you and I - On this ride, after Day 1 snow befell the route and most riders couldn't even complete the second day. At night due to cold and wetness we'd huddle in the food tent.  Sipped hot cocoa together and in the day, road our bikes together.

Hey, it's Friday and for some of us PAYDAY.  Let's call it PAY AHEAD day and help me and my team, the Pride Pack get the totally flat 167 miles from Miami to Key West & help countless people with HIV

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