Friday, August 31, 2012


Growing up, I played with a Slinky (r)  Not too often and not my first choice of toys but with "One long staircase...just going up" <yes, I channeled a Broadway musical for this> for a short period of time watching a metal spring go down steps ALL BY ITSELF seemed magical.  OK I was no more then 7 when this was a lot of fun.

Now I realize it's just a spring and gravity pulls it down. The spring never changes

I've moved on.  Slinky's are now nothing more than nostalgia or a part of my past.

There are/were relationships like that: fun while it lasted. It's a toy that I have no idea of its current location nor do I care.

Right now I'll admit, it's time to do that with other things in my life: move on recalling how much fun it was IN MY PAST.

Are you able to move on, too? Let's try it together

Let's all SPRING onto something/someone new: besides those stairs we'rent  all that long to start with!!!

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