Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stand Out

Years ago on Sunday mornings ABC Television had a show called "Make A Wish" with Tom Chapin.
I know I could do an entire blog about wishes (note to self: write about wishes) but this is about Standing out.

The catchy song from that show stands out in my mind. I stands out as one of my all time favorites.
My wish was to STAND OUT and being 6'4" that's not too hard to do in a crowd!!

But I mean to stand out in other ways: by being bold, grasping for the unawares, seeking the uncommon.

Heck the tattoo on my leg stands out   (It's by Kieth Haring)

 I choose it since as you might guess by the main title of my blog "Why I Ride" !!

More than that, it's personal. I see a lot of inked people in my travels but only one Keith Haring on some one else.

Standing out, making a wish & dreaming a dream is something YOU can do too.

My dear friend Bruno ALWAYS has a smile: It and he stand out.

There is some thing special about you that can stand out too. 

I know it already

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