Friday, August 17, 2012


In 2005 while on the ACT III ride around Madison WI. I dreamed up a poem about Why I Ride.

Dream I say instead of just writing a poem because I'm more a dreamer than writer.

This draws on several experiences of rides from going across Wisconsin several times, heading south from San Francisco to L.A. on AIDS Life Cycle and before that crossing Alaska then crossing from Canada to the USA into Maine.


I Will Act

Today, as through all life’s cycles, I will act to stop this pandemic.
I move with hope, love and compassion to raise awareness, contentiousness and funds.
From Canada, the Heartland to the California Coast, I will ride on or crew until I cannot.

For those who are not able to be with us or have left us,
   I will act on their behalf.
Whether on long, dry and lonely roads through cornfields, snowy mountains, piercing sun or gravel trails and driving  rain,
I will sit tall in my saddle as long as I can
      As far as I can
          As long as God will let me
Until AIDS is only a memory and until all
                  our tears of sorrow flow into rivers of joy.

I will act with passion!

 August 6, 2005  RJHadley (c)

Can you act with passion? I know you can: find what motivates you and make that dream come true

You can also donate to what my dream of riding from Miami to Key West this year

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