Saturday, August 25, 2012


Now & then it's good to give the home a good sweeping.  Go for those cobwebs in the corner: under the chairs in the living room; all around the dining room and right by the front door.

Just in case you were thinking I don't pick up messes, espcially by the front door where because I do: it's just a good hard sweeping then mopping (or Swifjet as it were) is in order.

That's a good lesson for many parts of life too.  I looked at my Facebook account & found "friends" I hadn't talked to since we both confirmed. After sending messages saying something akin to 'How's it going?" after no response,  I did a clean sweep.

Thoughts work the same way. Recently I heard t joke with one MAJOR problem: It dehumanizes people so I'll never tell it.

People who share opposing views from mine are welcome but when conversation turns nasty, I do a clean sweep.  Same thing with clutter around my desk and such.

I'm doing a clean sweep, making room for new,up beat affirming friends & events

Wanna join me in sweeping out the house?

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