Saturday, August 4, 2012


This has NOTHING to do with a bar or TV show of the same name, well mostly.  I'll admit to having a few friends, people I can talk with on any topic, share ideas with, break bread with, etc.

On Facebook I have a LOT of "friends" though some are really businesses or organizations there are only a handful I could call and say "Lets go for coffee,"  & I'm fine with that.

My close friends, those I know in real life, have changed over time as all things do.

One person who was my best friend: we worked together, went to church together, hit the gym together moved very far away.  I mean oceans away.  Prior to email, we'd write real letters and up until a move about 4 years ago, I kept three stacks of those "AIR MAIL" envelopes with letters from him.

Now, he sends out a Group letter via email and that's OK.  I've moved too.
Having moved a 1000 miles from where I lived for 40+ years,  finding new ones took time and I'm glad I took it.

The small circle of friends I have now fits in just right

I've also learned  "The only way to have a friend is to be one" - Emerson

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