Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do Over

Did you ever play games as kids and said, when some thing went wrong "Do Over"?

My life has had some odd turns, all of our has to some point and wouldn't it be nice to say "Do Over" when the change we/I want is to go back?  I don't think so - at least not for me.

Had I not become HIV positive, I doubt I'd had the chance to work in Kenya, meet some remarkable people there and hopefully create some good.  Odds are I never would have cared about cycling across Alaska, crossing the Canadian boarder on a bike (Canada > US AIDS Vaccine Ride 2001).

Had I said "Do Over" when my father died, the relationship with my step father would have never happened.

I choose to move away from my comfort zone of friends in Chicago and start a new life in Florida and sure there's times I wish I was back there then it hit's me, it's not the "what new things I'll do there" but what I  DID there I miss.

For two years now I've worked hard at creating new memories, found new friends, had some real cool adventures, too.

Those memories of times and places will live on from my past while I plan and live in the now for a future.

Come with me and lets not "DO OVER" but "DO NOW"

"The past is the past and the future has INFINITE possibilities"  

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