Friday, August 17, 2012

Doing It Right

We've all been given simple jobs or tasks. Some may seem far below what we're able/capable of doing
Regardless, it's always good to do them well.  As Troy Perry said "Keep the main thing,the main thing"

Sure, I know when it looks so mundane and odds are no one will care or notice so "cutting a corner" sounds worthwhile.

Here's the rub: YOU'LL know it wasn't done right.

I know  I used this in an earlier blog, It's from my Boy Scout days "Have I done my daily task? Can I guiltless sleep tonight?"  

Part of my job is filling out forms. OK it's  a big part of the job since keeping accurate records is important.
We can track how outreach/education efforts are being received; how clients can change life saving actions.

I'll admit though there are times I've been so busy I wanted to cut corners and fill in the blanks later hoping not to forget details. 

Trust me, some one will see and know if I do.

On televisions M*A*S*H, Major Winchester said "I do one thing, do it right, and move on."

Without being pompous, I  try to do that too.  It saves time in the long run and makes people who follow up see I mean business and am honest.

Try  not to let this happen and do that one job right the first time

In November, I'll have ONE job to do and that's ride my bike from Miami to Key West 

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