Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This ones on the serious side today (actually, all of my messages here are serious, affirming, 'good news' messages) but the past few days something has been weighing on my mind.

Sadly I'm not the only one going through this.  Each day the same thing happens to people all over the USA and elsewhere: that it hit me and I've been keeping  it pretty much to myself hasn't helped.

I lost my gosh darn good health insurance at the start of the month.  Thank goodness I have a full months of my HIV medicines and some good support around me (not that I've asked YET).

Having no insurance and needing medical care I applied for Ryan White funded help.   Ryan has helped me before so it's not shame but shock.

By "screwing my courage to the sticking place" and went through Central Intake.  Now in my line of work, I've been there before and sat through a few interviews but this was MY INTAKE and it hit home again

For this entire week, just like so many others, I'm at the mercy of case managers,new doctors, affordable insurance, etc.

The agency I've been assigned is one of the beneficiary's of the SMART ride so now, more than ever, this one IS about ME.    I NEED YOUR support since as in all of our lives, we're all in this together
Anything you give will go to help not just me but hundreds of others since 100% of all money raised goes right to work (we, the SMART ride committee covers overhead other ways)

Me at Ryan White's grave 

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